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Down Sleeping Bags

Restless adventurers have defied the familiar comforts of home for centuries, have spent countless nights under the stars, and have sparked some of the most innovative inventions in history. One of the most essential pieces of outdoorgear, thesleeping bag, has continuously been improved, shaped, designed, tested, and reinvented to achieve an effective product for sleeping in the outdoors. But for many backpackers, convenience is simply not enough. Hyke and Byke sleeping bags push the boundaries of innovation, delivering excellent comfort, protection, durability, and reliability - and at a very reasonable cost.

The days of a wanderer are greatly defined by thequality of sleep he or she gets the night before. Waking up refreshed, healthy, and in optimal condition is important and mostly depends on thequality and type ofsleeping bag they choose to use.

Being one component of the “big three” of backpacking gear, together with thebackpack andbackpacking tents, choosing the perfect sleeping bag requires knowledge, experience, and understanding of your budget. If you are someone who looks togear up before getting a taste of adventure, or already has had too many unpleasant experiences with sleeping bags, where do you turn? Fellow outdoor enthusiasts with immense camping experience who happen to be engineers, maybe? And forget about expensive pricing reflecting the quality ofgear, with us it’s all about proper engineering!

Down Backpacking Sleeping Bag

The number one criteria to consider when choosing a sleeping bag suitable for backpacking is compressibility. A sleeping bag that can be compressed is an optimal choice in order to conserve space and reduce weight, however, this should not compromise warmth and insulation. The insulation filling is often what predetermines the compressibility of the bag. Down is by far the lightest, most comfortable, and most durable filling that makes a sleeping bag cozy and compressible. Adown filled sleeping bag provides the steady insulating properties required, as well as softness, warmth, and durability. 

A down-filled sleeping bagpacks down to the smallest size out of any type of sleeping bag. Overall, it is important to account for the fabric, design elements, and compression straps when considering the size of a compressed sleeping bag. Taking all elements into account, our designs feature smart hacks that allow our sleeping bags to pack down into the smallest sizes possible. 

Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag

Apart from avoiding bulkiness when backpacking and hiking, you ultimately want to choose the most lightweight outdoorgear. As it’s a piece ofgear you’ll always be carrying, the sleeping bag should weigh as little as possible. Choosing an ultralight orlightweight down sleeping bag can guarantee a convenient-to-carry bag. The lightweight of the down fill, optimized with a smart and innovative design, makes for an ultralight sleeping bag that does not compromise comfort and room.

Fill Power

Down itself is an insulator highly praised for its warmth, however, its insulating power mostly depends on the fluffiness of the sleeping bag. The fill power of the sleeping bag is measured by the volume of the bag, i.e.the amount of cubic inches per one ounce of down that it occupies. The warmth of the down is determined by the amount of air trapped inside the bag and it is measured by how well the down feathers expand after being compressed. Therefore, the higher the fill power number, the greater the loft of the bag. This allows for the down’s optimal performance, resulting in excellent weight to warmth ratio and an ultralight product.

The Ultimate Sleeping Bag Experience

good quality sleeping bags

For a sleeping bag to be as comfortable as it is convenient to carry, it should boast a superior weight-to-warmth ratio. To be as comfortable as possible, it should be designed to be spacious. After a long and active day, you would need a sleeping bag with a suitable length and width to relax and sleep comfortably. 

We designed our ultralight down-filled sleeping bags with proper space that considers the user’sweight and size. Smart innovations in the design of the sleeping bags deliver maximized space around your body for freedom and movement, without compromising the lightweight and size overall. 

Another dynamic feature we’ve engineered is for some of our down sleeping bags to be used as hammocks too! Choose whether you want to sleep on the ground or swing your way to a pleasant outdoor slumber withquality, reliable sleeping bags for after a day of outdoor activities designed by our experienced team at Hyke & Byke. Check out our sleeping bags that boast an array of features, making them the ultimate combination of value and comfort at reasonable prices.