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Backpacking Tents

Carrying a portable home on your back can be a heavy task, quite literally. Adventurers know that a heavy load on the back is a serious limitation. We’re here to change that. Whether you are climbing high altitude peaks or traveling as a backpacker, you should consider theweight of your tent, as you’ll feel it every step of the way. But choosing a lightweight tent should not compromise the utility andcomfortof the product. We have spent a lot of time balancing weights, material and construction techniques to get you perfectly balanced backpacking tents.  The backpacking tent needs to comply with three main criteria - lightweight, comfortable, and able to pack very small. Whether you arecamping at the lake or conquering a 14er, your tent should offer the convenience and versatility you need. After years of buying and testing a myriad of backpacking tents, we sought out to engineer fairly priced, high performance tents. Unifying comfort, durability, quality, high-end solutions, and top-grade materials we designed our collection of ultralighttents for backpacking. We bring you a new generation of pragmatic tents that cover the basics yet include advanced features for utmost convenience and comfort.

Lightweight Backpacking Tents

Choosing a tent is a crucial part of bringing together yourbackpacking gear kit. Although having a qualitydown sleeping bag is very important, the tent is essentially your safe and sheltered home in the wild. You would ultimately opt for a durable tent that is waterproof, spacious, small in size when packed, and easy to set up. All of the above mentioned should not exceed more than a fewpounds


Our collection oflightweight tents for backpacking is designed to accommodate the needs of all types of backpackers, never compromising quality as we keep the ounces down. Weighing four to sixpounds in total, the ultralight tents of our collection are manufactured using high-grade fabrics and resistant aluminium, with just the right features for gear access, storage and comfort. Designed to offer maximum protection from wind and rain, the tents are resistant to stormy weather and designed for the most precarious places. 


The engineers of the Hyke and Byke team have come up with excellent solutions to add extra elbowspace without additionalweight. Both oneperson and twoperson tents are spacious and comfortable while including extraspace for thegear. The additional elements as corner pockets and thevestibule design allow the necessary extraspace forcomfort and utility.

Heads Up: If you strive for morecomfort, don’t hesitate to choose a twoperson backpacking tent. Enjoy the extraspace for an affordableprice and of course, the same lightweight


The general consensus among backpackers is that in order to purchase a quality, top-notch tent, you need to break the bank a little.

However, our gear collection defies this and offers affordable yet high-quality tents that will last you many backpacking trips. Designing top quality gear requires more thought than resources. After spending too much on name-brandgear, we decided to put together agear collection that utilized the highest quality materials and innovative ideas in utility and included durable products that guarantee safe and enjoyable adventures. 

If you are looking for quality, durable, and affordable ultralight backpacking tents for sale,check out our collection. We are a team of engineers and experienced outdoor enthusiasts that have combined innovation and material research to design high-quality backpacking and outdoorgear for the most realisticprice on the market.